Gite Mogador Reunion

Maison d'hôtes à Saint-Louis, 2 chambres, cuisine équipée, salon et terrasse

Séjour - Salle-à-Manger
Gite Mogador Reunion

Maison d'hôtes à Saint-Louis, 2 chambres, cuisine équipée, salon et terrasse

Gite Mogador Reunion

Maison d'hôtes à Saint-Louis, 2 chambres, cuisine équipée, salon et terrasse

Gite Mogador Reunion

Maison d'hôtes à Saint-Louis, 2 chambres, cuisine équipée, salon et terrasse


Accommodation booking at Mogador guesthouse in Saint-Louis Reunion with private parking

Book a Guest House in Reunion, Saint Louis River, Mogador lodging is a Guest House in Reunion with private parking.

Book the furnished Mogador lodging Saint-Louis Réunion

Charming guest house with the scents of Morocco and the heights of Reunion, located in Gol les Hauts (at an altitude of 500m).

A house designed to welcome you in a quiet location in the heart of gardens and forests for a pleasant stay at La Rivière Saint-Louis.

Mogador guesthouse is a quiet and independent house, equipped for 4 people, ideal for exploring Reunion Island.

For a pleasant and comfortable stay, the Mogador gîte has 2 bedrooms, a fully fitted living room, a bathroom, WC, a 33 m² terrace with a view of the ocean and the mountain.

Good places for outings and hikes.

Are at your disposal:

  • 2 bedrooms (1 with a 140×200 bed, the second with two 90 x 200 beds)
  • A living room (with Moroccan living room and a table of 4 chairs)
  • Equipped kitchen (microwave, fridge, coffee maker, crockery …)
  • Bathroom
  • Varangue
  • A large terrace offering a view of the sea and the mountains.

To enhance your stay, the hostess can prepare delicious dishes from the rich Moroccan cuisine.

The advantages of Mogador Guesthouse

Independent house

Cottage with 30 m2 terrace

Private and free parking


Facilities to book a guest house in Reunion Saint-Louis Reunion

Close to all amenities and ideally located on the Saint-Louis River for visiting the south and west of the island, Gite Mogador is at your disposal to have a great vacation while feeling at home.

The outdoor area has a large terrace of 33 m2 where you can enjoy outdoor living.

So to take full advantage of our furnished cottage, you just have to go to the reservation page.

Here is what our Cottage contains to help you spend unforgettable nights in Saint-Louis on Reunion Island


Book a Guest House in Reunion
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave
  • Television


  • Terrace
  • Garden lounge
  • Garden


Book a Guest House in Reunion
  • Charges included
  • Sheets and linen provided
  • Wifi-Internet

Mogador guest house in photos to book guest house in Reunion

Leisure and amenities at the Saint-Louis river Reunion island

Reunion Island is a popular destination for people looking to spend time at the beach. You will find great beaches just about everywhere you go. There is also a lot of interesting things to see and do in this island paradise, from shopping in the local markets to sailing around the island on your own boat. If you want a vacation rental in Reunion, you have come to the right place. Our guest house Mogador in Saint Louis Reunion is at your disposal.

The window, the Makes by piton cabri

Hébergement au Gîte Mogador Saint-Louis Réunion

During your stay at Gite Le Mogador, you can take part in a lovely hike that allows you to discover completely different vegetation depending on the altitude. This hike starts from Le Tapage to arrive at the Fenêtre des Makes, passing through magnificent viewpoints over Cilaos.

The Cannot two paths (the forest and the cistern)

Hébergement au Gîte Mogador Saint-Louis Réunion

It is an itinerary that allows you to go deep into the heart of a massif through a dense forest of colored woods and offers some panoramas of the south of the island and the Makes.

In addition, during your stay at our gite Le Mogador, you can go out in the morning to enjoy this hike and rest in a charming well-appointed picnic area.

Accrobranches les Makes 15 minutes away

Hébergement au Gîte Mogador Saint-Louis Réunion

In the heart of the freshness of Les Makes, you will find a tree climbing offering more than 130 games spread over 8 courses corresponding to 4 levels of difficulty.

By booking a few nights in the Mogador cottage in Saint Louis, you give yourself the chance to rediscover nature, at the top of the cryptomérias, while tasting the sensation of height in the Acrobranche les Makes!

Makes astronomical observatory 15 minutes away

Hébergement au Gîte Mogador Saint-Louis Réunion

During your accommodation at Gite le Mogador on the Saint Louis River you will also have the opportunity to see and discover the sky of Réunion, by booking a night at the Astronomical Observatory of Makes, Located at an altitude of 1000 m in the tops of the Plaine des Makes, you will discover in a pleasant setting, what astronomy is.

Discover the southern sky through the observatory’s telescopes during the day or at night the observatory allows you to observe the stars and learn more about the history of astronomy.

Beach of the dirty pond 20 minutes from the Gol factory

Hébergement au Gîte Mogador Saint-Louis Réunion

L’Etang Salé or the salty beach is one of the rare volcanic sand beaches in Reunion, With a sand made from a mixture of basalt and coral, its color is just fantastic to see when you wake up and at sunset .

The swimming area is located at the level of the “Bassin Pirogue”, near the Port.

Don’t forget to make a quick visit to the water park, especially if you have kids.

So during your accommodation at Gîte le Mogador, we recommend that you organize an outing to this beach.

Rum Museum 25 minutes away

Organizing a visit to the Rum Museum remains one of the activities not to be missed during your stay in Saint-Louis at Gite le Mogador, especially since it is located just 25 minutes from the Gîte.

Musée du Rhum is a unique museum dedicated to rums from Reunion Island, its tour takes you on a historical, cultural and sensory adventure mixing the history of an island with that of its inhabitants and with this traditional production. .

Prices and reservations (free for two children under 6)

Overnight stays2 adults2 Adults + 2 Children – 6 years old4 adults
1 nightNot acceptedNot acceptedNot accepted
2 nights140€140€200€
3 nights210€210€300€
4 nights280€280€280€
5 nights350€ 350€ 400€
6 nights420€ 420€ 500€
7 nights (10% reduction)440€ 440€ 630€

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Location of the Mogador cottage in Saint-louis Réunion

  1. From Saint-Denis, take direction Saint-Pierre,
  2. Arrived in Saint-Louis, take the direction of Les Makes,
  3. When you arrive at the intersection, turn right, direction la Riviere,
  4. Drive 1mn, turn left Rue Evariste Deparnay, (Gol les Hauts)
  5. Pass the ALCIDE BARET school, continue a few minutes later, turn left towards Rue Juliette plump,
  6. At the 5th corner you will find the furnished apartment MOGADOR at 16 bis rue Juliette Dodu.
Hébergement au Gîte Mogador Saint-Louis Réunion


Unfortunately, this is not possible ...

Indeed, Gite Mogador is 50 m2 + 33 m2 of the Terrace is not comparable with standard hotel rooms of 15 m2 managed industrially. It would be too much work for me to take care of all the paperwork on a daily basis and for each apartment, manage a deposit, hand over a key, make an inventory, do the housework, do the laundry etc.

The prices communicated are the fair prices.

They are calculated as accurately as possible and do not allow reductions for students, children, retirees, last minute bookings or travel agents… etc.

Of course.

Normal rental time is 3pm, but you can arrive earlier if possible, taking into account the following:

- If the apartment is not rented the day before your arrival, we can organize key collection from 7:30 a.m.

- If the apartment is rented the day before your arrival, the previous tenants will leave at 11:00 am at the latest. In this case, you can have the keys and leave your luggage from 11 a.m., knowing that the cleaning will be finished at 3 p.m.

Yes, without any worries.

When you want to. When making your reservation it is important to be clear about this. I will make myself available as much as possible.

I am a very sensitive person, so the noise bothers me.

Gite Mogador is located in a small quiet street with little traffic.

Holiday vouchers are not accepted at Gite Mogador.

The rule is ... that there are none ...
The sooner the better,
Once your project is complete, please send me an email.


I cannot update the website daily with new bookings, options, stay extensions, cancellations, postponements or apartment changes.

Contact me with your request, and I will try to get back to you in a few hours.

Experience has shown that this is a tedious process that I wish to limit. I'm not taking any more options.

I realize that traveling with family and friends is expensive, and we are ready to save money by bringing sleeping pads.

However, I considered this possibility but ruled out for two reasons: 1 / Comfort will not be guaranteed.
2 / You may need to sit on a chair, take a hot shower or use a heater to dry your towel.
It is dangerous to have obstacles on the ground during an evacuation, so the ground must be clear.

I do not offer gift boxes or gift certificates.

I have welcomed in several hundred families since 2019 without ever knowing any concerns, including with children or single women.

Usually, and anyone who's visited Saint-Louis will tell you, it's not a bad city.

But neither do we live in the world of "Amélie Poulain" ... I recommend that you pay attention to your wallet and your mobile phone in the presence of a large crowd (public transport, department stores , museums etc) and live normally.